Talion can help you leveraging your ArcSight investment and remove the risks & costs associated with transitioning to a new SIEM provider.

How we can help
Extend and Enhance your Arcsight Investment​

SIEM effectiveness isn’t about what platform you are on, it is how you are using it. By limiting yourself to out of the box or a small number of in-house content, the ability of your SIEM to catch nefarious activities is greatly reduced.

Optimise the value of your alerts and reduce analyst fatigue

More relevant content means more relevant alerts. This also means that analysts are doing decent investigations worthy of their time rather than being wasted on false positives.

Remove the risk & cost associated with transitioning to a new SIEM provider​
Continuous Threat-relevant content development and deployment

We understand that the threat to your business is constantly changing and evolving, that’s why our content team work to understand threats relevant to your business, only then can we develop content to truly protect you. 

Why Talion?


  • Talion was born out of a management buy-out of the BAE Systems Managed Security Service business in 2020.
  • We have been protecting large enterprises since 2012 when the UK Government asked us to protect the London Olympic Games.
  • We believe in being 100% transparent with our clients.  There are no black box solutions, we will provide you with full visibility of our technology and all contextual information. 
  • Our vision is to provide the world’s leading Cyber Defence Platform through ongoing product investment, innovation and partnerships. 
  • ​Talion is your cyber defence partner, leveraging the combined strength of the cyber security community and working collaboratively with you, we are invested in protecting your organisation 24/7, 365 days a year.​



40 – 70% correlation of alerts to cases

Our analysts resolve cases 75% faster than their counterparts

75% of rules use enrichment data

Reduced fatigue on analysts and reduced analyst attrition by 80%

200+ continually updated playbooks

3 x analyst efficiency improvements

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