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Community sits at the very heart of what we do. It spans our employees, our clients and our industry partners, creating a united front against the evolving cyber threat. And it begins with us as a team. We’re a community of equals, all working in pursuit of a common goal: to protect our clients from the many faces of cyber crime. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to break boundaries, share knowledge, pool resources. Which is why we champion collaboration across the cyber industry, building partnerships that give our clients a security service that includes not just our knowledge and experience, but the knowledge and experience of a whole community of experts and innovators.

Our Values


It goes without saying, but we don’t settle for ‘ok’. In our industry, the bad guys only have to be right once. The good guys have to be right 100% of the time. We don’t get second chances, which is why everything we do has to be done to the highest quality. Quality might be the speed at which we respond to a given threat. It might be the extent to which our service exceeds client expectations. It might be the ways in which the solutions we propose help the whole industry advance its thinking on cyber security. In short, whatever we do, it’s never anything but excellent.

Our Values


Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it’s our job to address and respond to them, whether they’re devised by well-funded organisations or lone wolf activists. Defending against these threats demands constant innovation, from keeping abreast of the changing motivations behind cyber crime, to seeking out the best tools, processes and technologies to protect our clients against it. We’re building a working culture where innovation takes pride of place. New ideas, thoughts, criticisms and suggestions aren’t just welcomed, they’re actively encouraged. It’s this spirit of innovation that ensures we stay at the cutting-edge, keeping us one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Our Values


Courage underpins every one of our core values, and it’s what we look for in each of our employees. It’s the courage to stand up and make ourselves heard if we think something is wrong. It’s the courage to challenge the norm, posing a different approach or perspective to a client. It’s the courage to make decisions that have real consequences for businesses and their employees. Courage isn’t recklessness or carelessness. It’s trusting in our knowledge, skills, ambitions and experience, and fighting for what’s right. And that’s how we promote community, achieve excellence and drive innovation, all of which enable us to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our Values
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