Talion is a finalist for Best SIEM Solution

Talion is a finalist for Best SIEM Solution for the 4th year in a row



Law firms operate in constantly shifting environments where multiple client projects are on the go at any given time. In a fast-paced atmosphere, where communication is mostly conducted over email, it’s easy for hackers to infiltrate business documents and leverage the innate trust between attorney and client to access their network.

At Talion, we work with Law Firms to ensure sensitive and confidential client data is safe from cyber criminals, through bespoke Threat Intelligence and speedier detection & response capabilities, tailored to your needs.

According to ABA's 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report, 25% of law firms had experienced a data breach within the year.

We provide cyber security for…

Leading Law Firms

We are best positioned to support the cyber security needs of the legal sector as we already work with some of the most prestigious Law Firms in the world, including a member of London’s elite “Magic Circle”.

When a Law Firm’s data is at risk, and valuable information like trade secrets, intellectual property and personal identifiable information (PII) are shared beyond the inner network, consequences can range from losing customer trust and access to files, to serious malpractice allegations.

Our Threat Intelligence team will help you understand your risk posture and where your security may currently fall short. We also offer a range of services, from Managed Phishing Detection & Response (MPDR) to a fully outsourced SOC, to secure your communication methods and reduce the chance of insider threat.

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Malware repositories are one of the most valuable resources for hackers. One of our customers fell victim to this when malware was used to obtain a legitimate email chain between our client and a third party company, accessing sensitive corporate data such as names, job titles, project details and more.

The hacker created fake domains imitating both our client and the third party in order to request payment details.

With our 24/7 detection and response capabilities, our analysts were able to identify the threat due to observed suspicious activity, before either company was duped into revealing financial information. As a result, this prevented a significant loss of funds and avoided damage to our client’s reputation.


.“The legal sector faces a number of unique challenges – building client trust no longer revolves solely around the delivery of the service itself, but the ability to secure data too. Two questions you should always ask yourself are: am I doing enough to keep my client data safe? And if not, what can I do about it?”


– Mike Brown, CEO at Talion


What Cyber Security Challenges does your Law Firm face?

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Legal Threat Bulletin

Get the latest updates directly from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), compiled into a report of recent threats to be aware of, plus actionable recommendations. IOCs can also be provided by our team on request.

Legal Threat Bulletin

Get the latest updates directly from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), compiled into a report of recent threats to be aware of, plus actionable recommendations. IOCs can also be provided by our team on request.

Why Talion?

We provide all the tools, people, and processes to monitor and detect attacks before real damage is done.

Automate remediation

Quickly remove devices or systems from the network before they can cause damage.

Investigate & detect threats rapidly

Network traffic analysis improves network traffic visibility and in turn delivers rapid investigation and threat detection.

Understand your threat coverage

Our proprietary Threat Coverage Modelling enables customers to understand their security monitoring coverage in the context of the methods a cyber attacker would use.

Expose new threats

Using our data lake capabilities and our analysts skilled knowledge of how threat actors work we can perform automated and manual threat hunts across our entire data set.

Detect anomalous user behaviour fast

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect anomalous user behaviour that may pose an insider threat.

Understand the threat of high-risk insiders

Enhanced user monitoring detects the threats posed by high-risk insiders.

Our flexible model let's you choose your level of interaction with our cyber experts.
Your data, demystified.
Side-by-side support.
Built around you.
Our flexible model let's you choose your level of interaction with our cyber experts.
Security solutions you can see

We don’t do black-box solutions. You have full visibility across absolutely everything that goes on in our SOC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protecting Your Business.

We’re your cyber security partner, which means we operate in a way that works for you, whether that’s working through responses together, or simply briefing you on the threats that really need your attention.

Built on your terms

We grow with your business, adapting to your changing needs, responding to the evolving threat, and putting control firmly back in your hands.

Ensuring threat coverage.
From Threat Coverage Modelling to Threat Hunting and Enhanced User Monitoring, our team of experts ensure we have you covered from all angles..
Threat Coverage Modelling

Talion’s TCM tool provides our clients with a view of how well their security monitoring aligns to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. TCM provides a coverage map for hundreds of threat actors or malware, including hundreds of techniques and sub-techniques—from types of scripts/shells to services exploited and evasion methods. Threat coverage is not a black and white exercise so we tell you to what degree you are covered, usually as a percentage, the TCM tool is then used on an ongoing basis to assess and improve your threat coverage.

TCM’s MITRE ATT&CK focus allows security teams to make informed decisions which are objective and independent of a security vendor’s view.

TCM provides security teams with a touchstone for establishing and defining an effective protection and monitoring strategy. By mapping the MITRE ATT&CK framework, attacks and sources customers can identify the most common techniques and use these as a basis to define protective moniitoring improvements or to validate the moniroting they have in place at any point in time. TCM focusses on the latest tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers meaning that Talion’s customers can

  • improve their monitoring, detection and response capability
  • ensure they invest more effectively and protect their businesses against the threats that matter
Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is the practice of proactively searching for threats on a network by detecting anomalies in normal user and network behaviour. This approach to cyber security is driven by the premise that it is impossible to prevent every single intrusion on a client’s estate. This approach drives the two main objectives for Threat Hunting:

1. Identify previously unknown or ongoing threats

2. Gain a deeper understanding of the client’s technical landscape to provide additional security value

Using our Azure based data lake capabilities and our analysts skilled knowledge of how threat actors work we can perform automated and manual threat hunts across entire data sets. Threat Hunting is designed to complement our existing monitoring services.

Enhanced User Monitoring

Talion’s Enhanced User Monitoring (EUM) service is a flexible service that monitors threats from employees and end users who may pose a particular risk to the business. The EUM service provides custom detection content from Talion to detect atypical user behaviour of User Entities of Interest. Where possible the Custom Detection Content is mapped and referenced to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

The EUM service is designed to provide enhanced user monitoring for two types of user:

  • Insider Threat Group – Users who pose a threat due to their employment situation.
  • Critical Users Group – Heightened monitoring for important employees who hold positions of power, influence or knowledge within the organisation or are working in high-risk environments.
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Awards &

Talion are pleased to have been credited and shortlisted for awards by key industry organisations, including Cyber Essentials, Forbes Technology Council, and SC Awards Europe. This recognition is a testimony to the services Talion continue to offer to businesses worldwide.

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