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Is Antivirus Enough To Prevent Ransomware? - Talion

Have you ever wondered how effective antivirus software really is?

Are the days of Norton and McAfee over?

We’ve had a look at the advantages of antivirus software for preventing security issues, such as ransomware, as well as how a Managed Security Service can bridge the gap between good protection and a more well-rounded, efficient service that offers extra support.


What is Antivirus?

Antivirus software is designed to identify the presence of a virus or harmful malware in a computer system, remove it, and prevent it from having any further impact in the future.

It blocks spams and ads, protects data and files, limits website access to authorised networks, protects passwords and more.

Typical antivirus software works on a subscription-based model, such as Norton and McAfee, although Windows Defender is free on all Windows computers.


What are the Advantages of Having an Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software typically offers 4 beneficial types of protection.

  • Virus Protection – detects and removes malware before it causes any harm to your computer
  • Spyware Protection – prevents hackers from spying on your computer and stealing confidential information, such as credit card details, passwords, etc.
  • Web Protection – warns you against untrustworthy sites to protect your sensitive data
  • Spam Protection – blocks spam emails and ads


Often, it also has a firewall feature which double checks any file or data entering or leaving the computer and blocks suspicious content, helping protect against spyware and phishing attacks.




Is an Antivirus Software Enough to Prevent Ransomware?

Antivirus software is capable of detecting when a file is encrypted, even if the most subtle changes occur within the document, which makes it relatively easy to identify ransomware. However, hackers are getting increasingly smarter with their tactics – 2nd generation ransomware has the capability to bypass antivirus software.

Cisco have noted that: “Many ransomware operations have development teams that monitor updates from antivirus providers so that the authors know when a variant has been detected and it’s time to change techniques.”

With this heightened visibility into the updates of antivirus software, hackers can now be more intentional with their tactics in order to increase their chances of success. It means that organisations may not be as safe with antivirus as they initially thought.


A Managed Security Service Enhances Antivirus for Better Protection

It’s clear that antivirus software is advantageous and is fundamental to every device user. Standalone – it’s good. However, pairing it with a Managed Security Service – an external team with a depth of expertise unmatchable in an antivirus software – organisations can enhance their security posture and speed of remediation to the highest level.

Antivirus software relies on users to constantly keep their system updated – an intentional effort that many organisations may forget about, assuming the antivirus is doing its job behind the scenes.

Investing in a Managed Security Service means organisations really can sit on the sidelines if they wish – they will automatically take over the process of identifying, analysing and remediating threat risks, recommending the best course of action or executing it on your behalf. This enhanced protection fills the security holes of antivirus software – the gaps inside the operation system or networking software that allow the virus to potentially bypass the antivirus software and infiltrate the user’s data, information and more.

A Managed Security Service may also benefit organisations who value customer support – something which antivirus software often lacks, unless premium versions are paid for. This means if issues crop up, organisations aren’t left to the internet and forums to help resolve their issues – instead they have a whole unit of cybersecurity experts in the SOC, backing them every step of the way.




Overall, antivirus alone may protect your organisation against ransomware, at a basic level, but it won’t stop it after it’s infiltrated your system.

A Managed Security Service can step in to extend help from initial detection of the attempted attack right the way through to analysis and remediation – a worthwhile investment for any organisation looking for the highest security protection.

For more details on how Talion manages the threats of vital organisations, from Managed Phishing to Threat Intelligence and more, read our company brochure.

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